Thursday, July 11, 2013

The GILF Next Door: Thrift Shop Shenanigans

Hazel is up to her wacky, kinky antics again! She claims that she needs the help of her two young studs to get a new couch from the local thrift store, but they begin to have their doubts as she introduces them to Stella, the store's owner, a beautiful, elegant sexagenarian who's been going through a dry spell due to a lack of confidence. Hazel is willing to do anything in order to help her dear friend, including orchestrating one of the wildest orgies ever set to paper.

After the success of The GILF Next Door: Greeting Granny, Francis Gonz knew he had to go all out with this next episode. In his latest hilarious tale of May-December romance, the generation gap isn't just going to be crossed, but crammed full!

The GILF Next Door 2: Thrift Shop Shenanigans is an erotic short story (4,100 words) containing graphic scenes of sex between mature women and young men in twosomes, threesomes and more! It’s only suitable for adults.

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