Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer's Vacation: Summer Begins

Summer hasn't been back from her freshman year at college for a single day and she's already bored. But being a young sociopath, hanging out with her old high school friends isn't going to cut it. She's going to need a distraction that's more...stimulating.

And the answer might be just down the hall.

Her maternal unit has a hot new live in boyfriend. After snooping through his porn stash, Summer discovers that David harbors an unusual desire, one which she can use to lure him into her web. Summer's plan works, but even she couldn't have predicted how well, or how deep the spiral into depravity would take them.

As the situation gets more and more extreme, Summer wonders how far David will go now that he's indulged his dark side, and how far she'll have to go to maintain control.

But at least she's not bored.

Summer Begins is the first novella (25,000 words) in the hotly anticipated Summer’s Vacation series. It features graphic sexual scenes that could be disturbing to some readers, and is only intended for adult readers.

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