Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stacy Bang 1: Pole Polishers

Stacy Bang dances her heart out to land a job at Pole Polishers Strip Club. She gets the spot, but in her exuberance ends up breaking multiple decency laws. As quickly of her dream of dancing at Pole Polishers is realized, it comes to an end. At least it will, unless she and her fellow strippers can figure out how to change the mind of uptight vice officer Mr. Smith, which means discovering his secret kink.

Stacy Bang and the Strip Club Gang is the first hilarious novelette (8,900 words) episode of the new erotic sitcom series by Francis Gonz. It features twosomes, threesomes, a GILF stripper, and one of the kinkiest, wackiest final sex scenes you’ll ever read!

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