Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coerced: Procuring a Man

In order to survive in the brutal world of Thomas & Brecker, you have to be aggressive. Procurement Manager Janice has not only survived, but thrived, receiving all the toughest jobs due to her reputation as the only person fierce enough to handle them. She's smart, conniving and tenacious. In fact, the only soft spot she seems to have is for a hunky employee named Christopher.

But as calculating as she is, no one could have known her depraved motivations for promoting him well beyond his level of competence.

She lays it all out for Christopher: he can keep his job or stay faithful to his wife, but not both. What will she discover lays dormant inside a meek man when she strips away all pretense of civility?

Coerced: Procuring a Man is another stand-alone short story (7,000 words) in Carnal House Publishing’s edgy and acclaimed Coerced series. It features graphic scenes of coerced, barely consensual, rough sex, and is only suitable for adults.

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