Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Coerced: Motel Angel

Mort rents rooms cheap to the Sullivan Mob's goons. He's so accustomed to dealing with criminals, low-lifes and sleaze that when Sascha Grady walks into his establishment, he's dumbstruck by her beauty, thinking of her as his motel angel. Unfortunately, Sascha is attached to one of Sullivan's henchmen, Chris.

Fortunately for Mort, Chris is killed in a deal gone bad, and no one bothers to tell Sascha.

Mort pretends to not know what's happened to Sascha's husband. He pretends to let her stay in her room no-strings-attached until Chris returns. Of course, Chris doesn't return, and when the rent comes due, Sascha has only one means of payment.

Coerced: Motel Angel is an erotic hardboiled crime short story (4,500 words) with no paranormal aspects. It features explicit scenes of coerced, barely consensual sex and humiliation.

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